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GILLZRust - Circle
✔️ Undetected on Easy Anti Cheat!
Highly configurable!
Visibility checks
Bone Selection
FOV & Smoothing
Lock target & Switch target after kill
Only aim with guns
Only aim at dangerous
Skip NPC
Helicopter Aimbot
Visual ESP
Highly configurable!
View players inventory
Barrels, Boats, Bear Traps, BradleyAPC, Bradley Crates, Cars, Car Modules, Corn, Crates, Cupboards, Doors, Dropped Items, Elite Crates, Flame Turrets, Gift Boxes, Gun Traps, Hemp, Helicopters, Helicopter Scrap, Heli crates, Hot Air Balloons, Land Mines, Metal Collectibles, Metal Nodes, Military Crates, Mini-copters, Mushrooms, Oil Barrels, Player Corpse, Present Drops, Pumpkins, Ride-able Horses, Sleeping Bags, Stashes(Hide dug up stashes), Stone Collectibles, Stone Nodes, Sulfur Collectibles, Sulfur Nodes, Supply Drops, Trash Piles, Auto Turrets, Sam Sites, Wood Collectibles
Players & Sleepers
Bullet speed multiplier
No recoil (modifier from 0% to 100%)
No spread
No sway
Thick/wide bullet (configurable as a toggle or active key)
Instant Eoka
Spider-man (Ability to climb up buildings/walls etc)
Admin flag (Ability to use certain commands such as `Debug Camera`")
No fall damage
Always day (Ability to choose what time to set)
Bright Caves
Silent farm (Farm trees & nodes without interacting with them)
Fly Hack
Auto Collect (Picks up items automatically without having to interact or look at them – Hemp/Mushrooms/weapons/ammo/ore collectibles etc.)
Instant Heal (Faster use of bandages & syringes as well as auto healing)
Auto close doors
Silent melee (Visible targets only)
Instant revive
Silent aim
Walk on water
Gravity modifier
Battle mode
Toggleable mode. Configure exactly what should be visible for player esp and item esp while toggled on. Very useful for when you want a clearer screen during fights.
[Image: Ok1.thumb.png.8bfc3a4c3a69766441196590e8306a7d.png]
[Image: Ok2.png.11ee377fe60c1eb87eee1eccdec7db09.png]
[Image: Ok3.png.58df33bc012df4e2d0c03231b1e794e1.png]
[Image: Ok5.thumb.png.2413c60bc97850ffcfdf7055c0108926.png]
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Rust - Circle00