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GILLZApex Legends - AUTO
Primary Features
High Stability
Private bypass method
Internal DLL (Minimal performance impact)
Streamproof (Stream using OBS and your audience won't see the cheats)
Advanced configuration with in- game menu
Cloud PC/ Windows Server supported
Windowed/ Fullscreen Support
Controller support
Auto updates
Simple loading process
Supports all versions of Windows 10 (includes preview builds, 1903 and greater)
Customizable menu theme
Attractive and easy to use loader
Aimbot Features
High Performance Aimbot
Silent Aim
Instant Hit (Magic Bullet)
Custom Aim Key
Velocity Prediction
Advanced Anti Spread & Recoil Compensation
Aim Down Sight (ADS) Aimbot ON/OFF
Adjustable Aim Smoothing
FOV adjustment (Shows a circle that visualizes your Field of View and where the aimbot will lock on)
Choose where the aimbot locks on (Head, Eye, Chest)
Team Checks
Visibility Checks
ESP Features
ESP Skeleton
Player Glow
Overhead Names
3D Bounding Box
Item/ Loot ESP Icons (Color categorized)
Filter System (only see the loot items you care about)
Enemy/Friendly Color Customizations **Extra**
Custom Crosshair
Radar Overlay on minimap
Radar Customizations
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Apex Legends - AUTO00