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GILLZCall of duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer & Warzone - Fortune

Warzone & Modern Warfare

-------Features of the cleaner and chair and support-------

Cleaner - Not only does this have a chair, BUT it has a cleaner which REMOVES your HWID ban if you are previously banned, or future bans! Unlimited use!

Tracer Clean - This also will delete all up to date trace files for you. So you can remove trace files instantly.

Modern Warfare 2019 and Warzone - the chair will work on both Modern Warfare & Warzone

Aimbot - you can control it's intensity to make it very strong if you want to rage or very minimal to look legit

Bones - this comes with skeleton bones built in so you can see exactly what they are doing

ESP - Player names, Player weapon

Ground Loot - All Items, and legendary loot boxes.

Visibility Check

2Radar - you can have a small map overlay on the existing map to see enemies like a continuous UAV

No Recoil - you can use any gun and have no recoil on the gun

Rapid Fire - now your single shot weapons are fully automatic!

Controller Compatible - not only keyboard and mouse but you can use a PS4 controller and it works

Undetected and Status - the chair has never been detected and we give you a status update every minute if the chair is ever detected

No Chance Of Ban - obviously if your using obvious raging settings which don't look real and spectators watch you and report you then that will ban you. Otherwise you won't be banned.

Legit/Semi/Rage Settings - FOV, Aim Keys, Aim Priority, Smoothing, Smooth Acceleration,.

24/7 Support - you also have support included in this package so you get to have full support from us anytime just open a ticket for help and we are there to help you.

StreamProof - you will be able to use xsplit and be stream safe. No one will know!
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Call of duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer & Warzone - Fortune00